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Where to Find Recovery Truck Insurance

If you work as a freelance recovery truck driver; or you own a company with multiple recovery trucks – you want to make sure you get the best type of policy possible.

Below are some of the main types of cover you can get with a recovery truck insurance policy as well as some of the best ways to save money.

Types of cover

  • Road risks – Road risks is the most basic type of cover you need for a recovery truck. It will allow your truck(s) to be driven legally and ensure that you’re covered if you’re involved in a collision. You can choose the level of cover you want based on your budget.
  • Liability claims – Liability claims are a risk for all types of trucking firms so you definitely want to have public liability cover included in your policy. You might also choose to get employer’s liability, which will protect you from claims from your employees.
  • Legal fees – If you have to fight a liability claim then the legal expenses can add up very quickly. Therefore it’s always a good idea to have legal expenses included as part of your policy.
  • Breakdown recovery – Recovery trucks themselves of course need to prepare for unexpected breakdowns. You can often save money by having breakdown recovery included as part of your policy when compared to getting it from a third party provider.
  • Loss of licence – If you work as an owner-driver and were to lose your licence for whatever reason, then this type of cover would ensure you were financially compensated until you were able to re-obtain your licence.

How to save money

  • Get a limited mileage policy – If you only work part-time as a recovery truck driver then you can save a significant amount of money by getting a limited mileage policy. As the name implies – this is where you and your insurance provider agree to a certain number of miles that you’ll stay under for the duration of the policy. 
  • Pay annually – Paying upfront will enable you to negotiate a lower rate with insurance providers.
  • Get a fleet policy – Fleet policies are nearly always the best option when you have multiple trucks to insure since they not only save you time but also money too.