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A Guide to Taxi Insurance

Whether you’re an owner driver taxi driver or you own a taxi rank and have a fleet of vehicles, you need to get the right type of cover.

Getting insurance is one of the main overheads for many businesses and taxi ranks are no exception. Below are some of the main types of taxi insurance available and where you can find cover.

Types of cover

  • Fleet insurance – For example many taxi firms have at least one minibus. You can get a minibus insurance policy for the vehicle(s) but with fleet insurance you’re able to cover cars, minibuses etc. under the same policy. This not only makes things easier to manage but it usually works out cheaper too.
  • Third party – Third party insurance is the minimum level of cover required in order to make a vehicle road legal. In provides protection for other motorists’ vehicles if you’re involved in a collision where you’re at fault. This is the cheapest type of cover.
  • Comprehensive – A comprehensive policy will provide full protection for all types of collisions, even those that you or one of your drivers are to blame for. Comprehensive insurance typically includes fire and theft cover but this can vary.
  • Public liability – Public liability insurance is always something that taxi firms need to have. It will provide protection in the event of a liability claim being filed against your company. You can also have legal expenses included.
  • Breakdown recovery – Breakdown recovery is another very useful type of cover to have included with a taxi insurance policy. Most insurance providers will give the option of having it including in your policy at an additional cost.

Where to get cover

There are many insurance providers out there who offer taxi insurance so it can be tricky to know where to start. By far the most convenient way of getting taxi insurance quotes is to use an insurance comparison service.

Using an insurance comparison service makes getting quotes very easy and also enables you to easily choose the type of cover you want. Be sure to compare all the quotes you get and pick out the one that has the cover you need at the best price.