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Lorry Insurance Geography

If this is your first foray into the world of Lorry Insurance you may find the whole process rather daunting.  The internet offers a mind boggling array of sites, all offering to get you the best cover for the lowest premium and it can be difficult making sense of the terminology.  Many new start up companies are formed when experienced drivers decide to become owner drivers and take the plunge.  However whilst driving the vehicle and sorting the load is second nature, things like lorry insurance were previously taken care of by the company and become a daunting task.

lorry insurance

Pretty much across the board you will find that the basic lorry insurance quote assumes that you will be driving exclusively within the UK, which for some people will be entirely correct.  However for those who may need to go out of the country – either occasionally or regularly the rules change.  In this case you need to ensure that when putting together a quote you have asked for the continental lorry insurance element to be included.  It really doesn’t matter whether you pop to france and back once a year, or truck off around europe for weeks at a time – as soon as you leave UK soil the rules change.  Unless you have continental lorry insurance your policy is as worthless as last weeks newspaper.  Conversely if you are confident that you will not be leaving home shores then just check there is nothing included for cover abroad – you might be lucky and reduce the bill by a few pounds.

Just to complicate your life further there will be various parts to the international cover and you may not need to purchase and cover all elements.  If something is not applicable then make sure you say so. The best advice it to specify exactly what is involved in your none UK work, as knowledgeable brokers and insurance companies will be able to tell you what you are required to cover, and what is optional but sensible to incorporate.

One example is your medical insurance, so often people remember to insure the vehicle and the load when they are heading out of the country but forget about themselves.  We have access to free medical care within the UK, so if you were 500 miles from home and taken ill you could access any hospital and expect the same treatment as you would at home.  If you are well enough to be taken to a local hospital this will be arranged free of charge. That is because we have a National Health Service.  The moment you step off UK soil you lose that service and become a tourist.  An uninsured medical issue in a foreign country is a complete nightmare and not something you want to risk happening.

Ensure that, should you be taken ill out of the country, you have built in appropriate cover for your health expenses, as well as working

Factors That Will Affect The Cost Of Your Restaurant Insurance

If you own a cafe, bistro, sandwich bar or restaurant, making sure you have the right insurance is vital to the security of your business.  If you’re not correctly covered you could end up paying thousands of pounds in the event of an accident or incident on your premises.  Do you have comprehensive restaurant insurance or have you tried to cut corners on your cover in an attempt to save money?

There are a number of factors that affect the cost of your restaurant insurance.  Our guide looks at three of the most important.

Your policy excess

Most insurance policies have an ‘excess’.  Your excess is the amount of any claim that you pay yourself.  For example, if your excess was £250 and you made a claim for £1,000, you would pay £250 and your insurer would pay £750.

You will normally find that the cost of restaurant insurance will be lower if you choose to have a higher voluntary excess.  While this may make your cafe, cocktail bar or restaurant insurance quotes cheaper, it will also mean that you will have to pay more money should you make a claim.

How comprehensive you want your cover to be

Most restaurant insurance policies include the following cover as standard:

  • Employer’s Liability insurance –  protects you against claims made by your employees for accidents that occur while they’re at work
  • Public Liability insurance – protects you against claims made my members of the public who use your business (a customer falling and breaking a leg on your premises or suffering food poisoning)
  • Business Interruption insurance – protects you from loss of earnings if you are denied access to your business premises – for example after a fire, a flood or malicious damage

The cost of your restaurant insurance will then depend on the additional risks that you wish to cover.  For example, you may want to include contents insurance to protect your stock and electrical equipment.  You may want to include ‘money cover’ to protect your takings.  Or, you may even want to protect yourself against dishonest behaviour by your employees.

As with most insurance, the more comprehensive your cover, the higher your premium is likely to be.

Your claim history

As with other types of insurance, your previous claims history can affect the cost of your cover.  If you have a good claims record then you may be able to obtain cheaper restaurant insurance than someone who has made lots of claims.

This article was written by Jon Roberts, Financial Industry writer.